Rocket Fueled Baby Formula

A classic Thought Chain

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

Reminds me of this Marvel super-hero, whose origin involves rocket fuel.

At the Chop’t salad bar that I frequent, there are three “rocket fuel” salad dressings under their “Spa” line: Rocket Fuel Dressing, Tex-Mex Rocket Fuel, and Thai Curry Rocket Fuel.

Jigsby’s, Nathan’s, and Bringing Up Father

For J.B.

OK, I’m sorting through my notes now.

J.B., when we went to Jigsy’s Pizza the other night, you mentioned that there’s a comic strip character with that name. I think you’re referring to a classic comic strip named Bringing Up Father. See also this web page. Looks like there was a movie.

Remember that bar that Bud liked? Here’s its web page. Their motto: Where Everything Tastes Like More.

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