Rocket Fueled Baby Formula

A classic Thought Chain

CDC: Rocket fuel chemical found in baby formula

Reminds me of this Marvel super-hero, whose origin involves rocket fuel.

At the Chop’t salad bar that I frequent, there are three “rocket fuel” salad dressings under their “Spa” line: Rocket Fuel Dressing, Tex-Mex Rocket Fuel, and Thai Curry Rocket Fuel.

Ball Lightning

Scientist Looks to Weaponize Ball Lightning (Wired)

Will-O’-The-Wisp (Marvel supervillain)

Ball Lightning (MTG card)

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The Perfect Match

For S.F.

Maybe in the future one can make an exact duplicate of oneself for a spouse, complete with life experiences and cultural/academic tastes? Maybe using a matter duplication device? Might not work for heterosexuals though. 🙂

Check out this humorous poem about clones.

In Rudy Rucker‘s 2001 book Saucer Wisdom, there’s the case of the Thousand Ang Ous. Some guy in the far future named Ang Ou used “femtocloning technology” to create a whole army of himself! The authorities eventually rounded up the army of Ang Ous and exiled them. (You can use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature to check it out yourself — see p. 265.)

Kind of like the Marvel supervillain Flashback, who’s able to summon copies of himself from the future, to create a whole army of duplicate selves.

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