Korean Sausage (Soondae)

This past Wednesday night I bought dinner at the Lotte on Wisteria Drive, in Germantown. My habit is to get a meat dish, usually “Spiced Pork,” and bibimbap, for the vegetables.

For some reason, I was feeling daring that night. Instead of the Spiced Pork, I thought I’d try the “Korean Style Sausage.” It looked exactly like this, and came with a sort of seasoned salt, as well as a dipping sauce that had what looked like little shrimp floating in it. The sausage wasn’t bad, although I think using both the seasoned salt and the dipping sauce made it a little too salty.

The next day, out of curiousity, I Googled “Korean Sausage,” and found out exactly what was in soondae. I then found myself curiously less enthusiastic about eating it! My thought chain started darting from peristaltic waves of ropes of intestines, to chyme, to the Crypts of Lieberk├╝hn, and then it was all over. I had lost my appetite.

YouTube video of jejunal peristaltic waves

It’s funny how cognition can color the sense of taste. Almost like synesthesia (okay, not quite).

I surrendered and tossed the remaining sausage. Then I went back to Lotte and bought spiced pork to go with the remaining bibimbap.

It’s true what they say about sausage: you don’t want to know how it’s made.

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