Superhumanly Difficult Piano Music

For D.G.

I had mentioned an interesting musician who composes jazz piano pieces that are very difficult, some so difficult that they are probably impossible to be performed on a physical piano by a non-enhanced human. But the music can instead be “played” by using music synthesizer software, generating MIDI files one can listen to.

The composer I was talking about is Robin Frost (hey, that web page says that he’s originally from D.C.!). Mr. Frost’s music is in a 20’s-30’s classic jazz style very much like the novelty piano genre that Alex Hassan specializes in. Much of Mr. Frost’s music has been performed — perhaps a better word would be rendered — by an electronic musician named John Roache. In the liner notes of one of his CD’s, Mr. Roache describes his electronic musicianship as “sculpting” sound. I think that’s a great description.

For samples of this music, try some of the buttons here. One of my favorites is 3 Sheets in the Ocean, One Foot in the Sunset, & You.

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