Jupiter Strike

Pre-emptive strike on Jupiter brings solar system to the brink of interplanetary war!

Take that, Jupiter!

Mars and Venus are monitoring the situation with bated breath.

Exactly 15 years after Shoemaker-Levy 9!

Isn’t there speculation that Jupiter serves a sort of protective function for the Earth? Incoming threats like comets and asteroids will tend to get caught in Jupiter’s gravity well, before reaching the Earth?

Maybe not:

Jupiter Both an Impact Source and Shield for Earth

Jupiter both protects and endangers us

Jupiter increases risk of comet strike on Earth

Whether they find life there or not, I think Jupiter should be called an enemy planet.

— Classic Jack Handey quote

Europa Strike, by Ian Douglas (a nom de plume of William H. Keith, Jr.)

This is the third book of the Heritage Trilogy, which in turn is the first of a trilogy of trilogies (a meta-trilogy?) about the adventures of the U.S. Marines in space. The last book of the last trilogy, Semper Human, was published only this past May. This is an example of the sub-genre of science fiction called “military SF”.

Maybe the dreaded Xul (Hunters of the Dawn) detected a nascent civilization on Jupiter, and decided to drop an asteroid on it!

Addendum (9/22/10): Earth to Have Closest Encounter With Jupiter Until 2022