Romanian Chocolate

For M.V.

The two tablets of Romanian chocolate you gave me last year inspired this post. They were:

  • Laura, tabletă cu lapte, cremă de vişine
    Product of Kandia-Excelent
  • Novatini, cremă caramel
    Product of Supreme Group
  • Here’s a nice 2005 analysis of chocolate brands in Romania by a branding consultancy named Grapefruit. Interesting points include:

  • In Romania, chocolate tablet brands have short (2-4 syllables), feminine names.
  • The packaging of the downscale market is exclusively in Romanian and is the least “talkative,” while that of the upscale market is multilingual and is the most verbose.
  • If a brand is a “sweet-talker” (e.g., more imaginative names and slicker packaging), it’s a sign that it is more expensive.

  • In my earlier chocolate post, my thought chain lurched from chocolate to a more sinister Lovecraftian theme. In parallel, here I find my thought chain careening from Romanian chocolate to… Dracula… and Count Chocula 😀 LOL! I apologize! Please forgive me!