Papaya Seeds and Cherry Tomatoes, Drying

Papaya Seeds and Cherry Tomatoes, Drying

Image acquired with my cell phone in Fort Myers, Florida, on 13 March 2009.

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Osage Oranges

Osage Oranges
Photographed with my cell phone, walking to university the morning of 10 December 2008. There’s a tree or two on the hill just north of the corner of 35th Street and M Street.

The surface of the Osage Orange (also called Osage Apple) is thrown into folds, sort of — but not exactly — like the gyri of the neocortex. The Wikipedia entry says that few modern animals like to eat this fruit. So there’s a theory that an extinct animal, perhaps the giant ground sloth, used to dine on this fruit. (Unfortunately, I can’t find a “giant sloth” MTG card.)

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