Roti Mediterranean Grill Now Open in Rosslyn

I was out on a walk earlier today and noticed that the Roti restaurant on the corner of Wilson Boulevard and North Oak Street is now open. So I decide to give it a try.

You’re encouraged to design your own meal, and I was going to order a chicken sandwich with the hot S’hug (zhug) sauce and Spanish eggplant. But I noticed that the Sultan Sandwich came close (except it didn’t have the egg plant), so I ordered that. I also tried the Lemon Chicken Soup (which I think is avgolemono). For a drink, I had a bottle of Pomegranate Blue. It was a nice meal, especially the soup, and I am sure I’ll be back. A fine addition to the local restaurant scene in Rosslyn.

I asked them when they had opened, and it turns out that they opened just yesterday. I think next time I’ll try the Spanish eggplant.