The Astonishing Train and the Huge Hole (Briefly Lucid Dream, 08/25/11)

This is a dream that I had this morning, perhaps around 5:30 AM. It was what they call a “Dream-Induced Lucid Dream”: DILD.

I’m in the back seat of a car. P—‘s driving, and somebody — the identity seemed to shift from M. to B. to an unfamiliar African-American man — is in the passenger seat of the front seat, “riding shotgun”. (Riding in a car as a passenger rather than as the driver happens to be one of my dream signs.)

P— is maneuvering through a parking lot, and then gets distracted by something. From my viewpoint, I see his head turned to the left, but he’s driving forward and I see that he’s going to hit the rear end of a parked car (which was white, distinctly recall). I yell “P—!!” but he ignores me… and he hits the car. Then he drives off out of the parking lot, apparently not taking responsibility for the accident.

Now we’re driving through a modern city with tall buildings, perhaps 20 stories high, so the streets in between feel like canyons. The city seems to have been built on a hilly area, because there are definite slopes to the streets. The passenger riding shotgun (at this point, I think it was B.) directs my attention down one of the streets, pointing out an ASTONISHING TRAIN. I can see only the part that’s not obscured by the buildings, but I can see that it’s enormous and that it seems to have been built from red bricks! So, it looks like a long three-story red-brick building that’s moving fast, down a street one or two blocks away. I marvel at this engineering achievement, and think how puny a “regular” train looks in comparison.

Then I notice that there’s a HUGE HOLE in the city, like they’re digging a big hole to make the foundations for a building. I am suddenly no longer in the car with other people, and I suddenly become lucid. I recognize that it’s “only a dream” and I jump into the hole to see whether I can fly. Unfortunately, I almost immediately lose the scene — it all goes black, and I fear that I am losing lucidity. I never hit the ground, but I also don’t get around to flying. Darn! I am not sure whether I proceeded to wake up at that point, or whether I slipped into a non-lucid dream or into a dreamless state.

(The non-lucid portion of the dream that led up to the moment of lucidity, the accident in the parking lot, may have been a separate dream, but I believe it was part of the same dream.)