Tilt-Shift Photography

I learned about this photographic technique via MetaFilter, one of my favorite sites. It results in photographs in which things look like they were tiny toy models. See this MetaFilter post.

And according to this MetaFilter post, you can upload photos to this web site, tiltshiftmaker, and it’ll modify the photo to simulate tilt-shift photography.

I just tried it. Here’s a photo that a friend (K.C.) sent me, of the Siena Piazza:

Siena Piazza, before tiltshiftmaker

Siena Piazza, before tiltshiftmaker

And here’s the result of passing in through the tiltshiftmaker:

Siena Piazza, After tiltshiftmaker

Siena Piazza, after tiltshiftmaker

Hmm, not the best example of the effect I’ve seen, but passable. I’d suggest you check out some of the links in the MetaFilter posts, e.g. 50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography.

Here’s a MetaFilter post to a video done using the tilt-shift method. They looks lik Matchbox cars! And here’s a post to More Tilt Shift Videos.

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