Monterrey, México, August 11, 2009

In Reagan National Airport, we boarded the airplane in the standard way: from back to front in blocks.

The trip itself was uneventful. As the airplane was descending to land in General Mariano Escobedo International Airport, there was an overhead announcement stating that the airline was very sorry, but they didn’t have immigration cards to fill out. We were instructed to find immigration cards on some desk in the terminal. In the resulting confusion in the terminal, I was unable to find any immigration cards! I finally just went up to the immigration officer and asked for one. All told, it took me about one hour to get out of the airport.

Here’s a map of the airport.

Monterrey Airport Terminal Layout

Monterrey Airport Terminal Layout

B.O. was there to pick me up. After we bought some bottled water from a nearby concession stand, we walked over to her car. Driving out of the airport’s parking lot, my first comment was that it felt very much like the U.S. Even the makes of the cars looked pretty much the same; sometimes when I’m in foreign countries, the types of cars look very much different from the cars you see in the U.S. This made B.O. chuckle; she said that Mexicans from outside Monterrey often make the same observation, saying that Monterrey feels like the U.S.

From there, we went to QuitaKilos, where we had lunch. Here’s their menu for August 11:

Platillo Guarniciones
Pay atún
Pollo italiano
Pescado al vapor
* Crema de Coliflor

* Arroz

* Nopales rojos

* Calabacita rellena

* Ensalada de zanahoria c/piña

B.O. and I ordered the same meal: the Pay atún (tuna pie; the fish, not the cactus fruit), Crema de coliflor (cream of cauliflower soup), and Ensalada de zanahoria (carrot salad).

B.O.’s friend N.V., whose marriage we attended on August 15, used to work at Quitakilos. This resulted in a humorous situation at the reception, as you’ll see when I get to that post. For now, here’s a photo of B.O. with N.V. taken 22 August 2008, at N.V.’s sister’s wedding; it is a sort of preview of N.V.’s 15 August 2009 wedding.

B.O. and N.V., 22 August 2008

B.O. and N.V., 22 August 2008

We briefly stopped by B.O.’s home, to pick up B.O.’s laptop computer. Out front waiting to greet me were B.O.’s sister D., D.’s son R., and B.O.’s niece A. Inside the house, I met B.O.’s cousin A. and B.O.’S sister E. (the mother of B.O.’s niece A.) B.O.’s parents weren’t home; I believe they were out on vacation.

B.O. lent me her laptop computer so that I could have internet access during my stay at Hotel Ibis. They have Third Generation (3G) Internet in Monterrey.

Afterwards, we went to the Iglesia de San José en Monterrey, which you’ll see listed on this web page. B.O. would often pray to St. Joseph at this church, so it has special significance. Here are two photos of the church.

La iglesia de San José

La iglesia de San José

Another photo of la iglesia de San José

Another photo of la iglesia de San José

Then B.O. took me to the Ana Elisa Beauty Co., a hair salon, to get my hair cut in preparation for the wedding and reception on August 15. In the salon, there was a cute little doggie named Nini, a shitzu, I think. Here is a map showing the location of this hair salon.

croquis 2

Finally, B.O. drove me to the Hotel Ibis Monterrey Valle, where I checked in and got some rest.

Trip Summary

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