Summary of trip to Monterrey, México, August 11-17, 2009

The morning of August 11, 2009, I went to Monterrey, the industrial city of México, to visit B.O. Monterrey is the capital city of the state of Nuevo León; since it is surrounded by dramatic hills and mountains, one of its nicknames is City of Mountains. Here is a map showing Nuevo León and Monterrey.

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

In México, men from Monterrey are known as regios; women, as regias. Regio is a contraction of regiomontano, where regio refers to “king” or rey, and montano refers to “mountain”, or monte; hence Monterrey. This discussion of regional stereotypes indicates that the regios are known in México as workaholics. Indeed, the slogan of the state of Nuevo León is “The State of Progress”; e.g., see this 2008 business report.

Here are some photos of Monterrey and surrounding areas.

Here’s a dramatic photo of Cerro de la Silla (which translates to “Saddle Hill”, according to Wikipedia), a prominent geologic feature visible in Monterrey. The Wikipedia entry says that the hill is actually in the adjacent city of Guadalupe. Still, Cerro de la Silla is considered the symbol of Monterrey.

Cerro de la Silla, Nuevo León, México

Cerro de la Silla

Here’s a photo from the top of Cerro de la Silla (I didn’t take this photo).

View From Atop Cerro de la Silla

View From Atop Cerro de la Silla

Here’s a photo of B.O. with Cerro de la Silla in the background.

B.O. and Cerro de la Silla

B.O. and Cerro de la Silla

And here’s a photo of B.O. in Montreal, in 2006.

B.O. in Montreal, 2006

B.O. in Montreal, 2006

Below is a quick summary of my visit to Monterrey. I will go into more detail in a series of follow-up posts over the next few days; in the table below, each date is a hyperlink to my blog post for that day. I think I’ll do one post for each day.

Date What Happened
August 11 Took one hour to get out of the airport, I think largely because the airline had forgotten to bring immigration cards; lunch at QuitaKilos; went to the Iglesia de San José en Monterrey; went to a hair salon to get my hair cut, in preparation for the 8/15 wedding and reception; checked in to Hotel Ibis Monterrey Valle
August 12 Fruit smoothie breakfast at 24 Horas (natural, healthy fruits); stopped by the Laboratorios Moreira so that B.O. could get routine bloodwork done for her yearly medical checkup; visited N.V. to plan the 8/15 wedding and reception; changed dollars to pesos at Divisas San Jorge Casa de Cambio; went to Home Depot to buy blinds for B.O.’s room; visited B.O.’s sister A. to ask her husband A. to install the new blinds; lunch at Carl Jr.’s (it was crowded because people were watching the U.S. vs. México soccer game; México won, 2-1); went to Gandhi Bookstore, but forgot my backpack at Carl Jr.’s and had to walk back to retrieve it; dinner at the house of another of B.O.’s sisters, D., whose husband J.R. served up grilled vegetables and meats, including nopales
August 13 Had a light breakfast at Starbucks with B.O., her sister E., and her niece A.; then the four of us went to Bioparque Estrella; then we went to a “magic town” close to Monterrey, the Villa de Santiago (here’s a promotional video), where I tried a distinctly Mexican/Aztec food called escamoles (the restaurant itself was named Los Escamoles); later in the evening, attended a wine-tasting event at Buké Restaurant; afterwards, we went to an area named Chipinque, which is close to a mountain formation known as the “M”; then went to the Ice Bar
August 14 Checked out of Hotel Ibis, and for the rest of the trip I spent the nights at B.O.’s family’s house as their guest; B.O. and I split a sandwich from OXXO as a quick lunch on the road; went to the Museo de las Aves, in Coahuila state; visited B.O.’s friend V. in Saltillo; attended the weekly dinner of B.O.’s extended family (about 24 people present)
August 15 Visit to the tailor Don Alejo; shopping for fine clothing at La Argentina; lunch at Sanborn’s; B.O.’s nephew R. and his band played some music for us; then we attended the wedding of N.V. and R.C., followed by the reception
August 16 Went to Soriana to buy new rubber sandals, since I had lost mine somewhere along the way; went to the Termas de San Joaquín, snacking on tuna (the cactus fruit, not the fish) and sharing a sandwich from OXXO on the way; late lunch at the house of B.O.’s brother E., where he served us a gourmet Italian meal that he cooked himself; bought a tie at Scappino, in the Mall Valle Oriente; coffee at Sanborn’s; saw the new G.I. Joe movie in a very fancy theatre at V.I.P. Cinépolis; late meal at Super Salads
August 17 Split a sandwich at Starbucks with B.O.; then we visited the Sanctuario of Schoenstatt; then went to the airport to return to the U.S.
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