Rare Piano Scores in PDF Format

I found this website recently: PianoRareScores.com. You purchase the scores online, and in a follow-up email they send you hyperlinks. You then click on the links to download the sheet music in a ZIP file.

I purchased transcriptions of performances by Horowitz, Volodos, and Pletnev. I also bought a Rimsky-Korsakoff collection, hoping to see an interesting transcription of Flight of the Bumblebee. No, I am not saying that I have the technique to play these very difficult pieces; I am just interested to see how some interesting pianistic effects were achieved. For example, Cziffra’s rendition of Flight of the Bumblebee really does conjure a big, fuzzy bumblebee buzzing menacingly about your head.

Years ago, I bought a whole collection of rare piano scores in PDF format from a guy in Belgium. The breadth of his collection was remarkable; he must have been collecting for many years, and he must have been very determined. Unfortunately, I can no longer find his website!

I am wondering whether there is some relationship between PianoRareScores.com and that Belgian collector. Perhaps the collector upgraded his website, and PianoRareScores.com is the result? Or perhaps PianoRareScores.com was a rival website, and they cornered the market and the collector had to shut down?

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  1. I am looking for the piano music of the early 20th russian composers: Ivan Vishnegradsky, Nicoles Obouhow, and Arthur Vincent Lourie. I’ve tried pianorarescores(no luck)-Will I have to take a trip to Russia for these guys?! Thank You

    • Hello,
      you should try to write to pianorarescores support and they will find the scores for you. I asked for rare scores from an old french cembalo composer and they found in 2 days!

  2. Hi HHH, consider visiting the Library of Congress (perhaps you live in the continental U.S.?). I’ve never visited the LOC myself, but I know one can find some rare gems there because a local virtuoso jazz pianist, Alex Hassan (see this blog post) told me he periodically visits the LOC to search for rare piano scores in the ragtime/jazz/novelty piano genre.

    Good luck!


  3. Already been told many times in many fora, this website should be avoided at all costs due to unauthorised profiting from hardwork of others!! All works sold there can be downloaded freely from pianostreet forum, gamingforce forum, pianophilia, sibley…

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