Gattopardo and Dossobuono

Gattopardo means “tiger-cat.”

And looks like dosso means “bump in the road” in Italian. So Dossobuono is a “good bump in the road,” or perhaps a “nice speed bump.”

Perhaps some weary Roman traveler in ancient times stopped by the then-unnamed little town, stayed at the Tiger-Cat Inn, had a nice pizza (with salami, anchovies, and capers) at a nearby tavern with a cozy family atmosphere, and then dubbed the town a “nice bump in the road.”

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  1. I like your imagined story of how the town was named. After personally visiting it, I think its an apt name – it is a ‘nice bump in the road’ on the way to Verona! The quintessential Italian town, population ~6000, with a family run pizzeria, a very interesting 18th (?) century cathedral, and friendly, laid-back people. Viva Italia!

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