Chihuahua Race, 19 May 2007

Last year I attended the regional PETCO chihuahua race with I.K., S.W., and P.A. We entered I.K.’s dog Waldo into the race. Unfortunately, Waldo didn’t know what to do. Just out of the gate he turned around and looked back quizzically, like “what the heck is going on?”

Here’s a video clip of part of the event:

Sorry, I don’t think this clip contains the heat in which Waldo ran. (I.K.?)

Note how some dogs are like Waldo, just wandering around randomly as if demonstrating Brownian motion. Whereas others seem to have had some training, and dart straight to the other end of the track.

Needless to say, Waldo didn’t win. (That’s OK, Waldo, we still love you.) The winner, Poppy, went on to participate in the nationals, 31 August 2007. But Tiger from Bakersfield, California was the national champion.

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  1. Ha ha…adorable :))

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