Starts With ‘M’, Means Reticent or Reluctant to Speak

For E.N.
I went through all the ‘M’ words in my pocket dictionary (Oxford American Dictionary, 1980): Maladroit? Maladjusted? Maladapted? Mansuetude? Marginal? Meager? Mealymouthed? Meek? Melancholic? Misanthropic? Modest? Moping? Mousy? Mute?

Roget’s Thesaurus yielded only one ‘M’ word: modest.

Addendum (12/14/08): Perhaps the word didn’t begin with the letter ‘M’, but rather began with a syllable that sounds like ehm or ehn. Again using my copy of the pocket Oxford American Dictionary: Embarrassed? Embattled? Empty? Enigmatic? Impassive? Impersonal? Imperturbable? Inanimate? Inarticulate? Inaudible? Incommunicado? Indifferent? Indurate? Inert? Inhibited? Inner-directed? Inscrutable? Insecure? Insulated? Intimidated? Introspective? Introverted? Inwardly?

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